Virginie Pringiers: False-Marble Painting Workshop

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Are you curious about trompe-l’oeil technique? Do you know that you can refurbish your old furniture using this technique? You can find all the answers by joining Virginie’s class: “False-Marble Painting Workshop”, only on skillagogo.

To start off, let us explain a little bit about this unique technique called “trompe-l’oeil”. In French, the word literally means “deceive the eye”. It is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Painting an old furniture using trompe-l’oeil technique, especially false-marble, will allow to give new perspective and enhance some old pieces. The painting technique will also help revive the beauty of the old furniture.

Although Virginie has been working in furniture restoration using trompe-l’oeil technique since the very beginning, Virginie who hails from Belgium only started teaching this year. She is very excited to be given the opportunity to share her passion in modern art in Singapore.

Virginie was born into a family of collectors, she was introduced to the world of beautiful furniture by her parents who loved visiting the weekend flea markets. She has always been interested in painting since a very young age. Later on, Virginie went to study at a prestigious art school Vanderkelen in Brussels for 7 years. Upon graduation from the art school, she decided to focus on the art of the antique furniture restoration. She went to train with a Belgian master specialising on this area for two years.

Recently she also started her company called “Yeah! It’s Moonday”, specialising in furniture relooking. What’s furniture relooking, exactly?

“In more details, I will make your old furniture like brand new again. There are infinite choices of colours, textures or hand-painted advertising that we can use to recreate the furniture. Some of the favourite styles would be pop style or trompe-l’oeil technique such as false marble which I share in my workshops.”

Virginie’s classes are available now!

Pick up a new skill in painting, learn directly from the expert.  “False-Marble Painting Workshop with Virginie” is available every Wednesdays, check the dates here. $120 for 3 hours. Location: Cactus Crescent. 

Fun fact about this workshop:

After attending this class, you will want to paint all your furniture to give them a second life.

Read her full interview here



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