Freelancing Skills 101-Master the Skills to Succeed

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Interested to become a freelancer? These are skills you must master.

Not everyone can be a freelancer or it at least takes learning and developing some important skills to ensure that you will succeed with your freelancing venture. Good thing that being dedicated enough to acquire or improve certain skills can give most people a fair shot for a long-term successful freelancer career.

Before you take a plunge into the world of freelancing, below are some of the most critical skills you need to hone for you to improve your income and efficiency as a freelancer. 

Time Management

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The ability to practice discipline and follow a time structure is among the biggest challenges every freelancer deals with. Traditional employment comes with a fixed income related to the predictable and structured work schedule. On the other hand, there is no packaged structured in freelance work. Instead, you need to come up with your own schedule with the use of your own skills in time management.  A to-do list, calendar, and disciplined daily schedule of work are among the simplest yet most effective time management tools. You can manage your time better if you prioritize projects you find enjoyable and provide the highest amount of income. You can also say no to those you don’t like or those that won’t give you good income. 

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When working alone, you might be tempted to follow an organization’s laissez-faire approach. Avoid falling to this trap. Your organizational skills are closely aligned with the ability of managing your time effectively. Many freelancers consider electronic organization to be as equally important or even more compared to physical document organization. Develop an electronic filing system to recall and designate communication and work documents easily. You can also use programs such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Outlook, and the like. 


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Freelancers are in charge of generating and sustaining business from the clients. For this reason, marketing skills are crucial to build and expand your operation. You can enroll in classes or workshops where experts will help you hone your skills in marketing. 

Financial Management

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It is also important to manage all the finances involved in your freelance work. You can use programs for tracking your expenses and revenue.


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Majority of freelancers communicate with their clients mainly using electronic channels such as email. Indeed, communication is crucial if you want to make money and keep your stream of cash flowing. As early as possible, you need to develop project proposals to win more business. Every time you work on a project, your client will be interested to know its progress. Aside from email, Google Docs as well as other platforms will let you share updates on task management with clients. Being transparent is also a must to develop and retain the trust of your customers.

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