Things You Should Prepare When Applying for a Job

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Before sending your application, below are the things you need to prepare first. 

You stumbled on a job posting and you feel like you are the best candidate for the position because you meet all qualifications. Better yet, the posting was from the company you have long wanted to work for. How will you increasing your chances of landing that dream job, then?

Instead of submitting your resume right away, you have to stop first for a few minutes and carefully go through the job posting and see it as a lead. Doing so will let you come up with a better strategy for the application process and ensure that the employer will notice your resume out of all the resumes on the table.

Read these tips and  now you can get ready to send your CV: 

Research the Company

After you read carefully the job posting, this is the time to research about the company. You can visit the website of the employer and check out the career page. This is also the time to go through their blog, learn about the people working for the company, and read company news. It gives you a much better idea about the company and what they do for you to market yourself better to the prospect employer. 

Update Profiles in Social Media

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Every time you apply for a job, employers often check your social media profiles after going through your application. Prior to applying for a job position, see to it that your social media profiles show the things you want prospect employers to see. It means that you need to update your LinkedIn profile with your latest experience. You also need to remove anything on Facebook or Instagram that you would never want the employer to see.

Connect with Current Employees

When you don’t have connections with a prospect employer, you can reach out to those employees working in the specific company department with the vacant position. This is the best way for networking and finding your way through the company’s back door. Once you are prepared to contact a few employees, you can send them an email or add them on your LinkedIn profile. Introduce yourself and let them know that you wish to know more about the company. The employees can offer you a few tips for applying for the position and provide you insights on how it feels like to work for the company. 

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Know the Hiring Manager’s Name and Email

After doing your research about the prospect company, finding its hiring manager is another important step. When you locate the hiring manager, you can have your cover letter customized and ensure that your application will land in right hands. It is more important to send your application to the company’s hiring manager instead of applying through a job posting as this lets you contact the potential employer directly. It helps avoid feeling like your resume fell into a black hole right after you sent in your application.

If you want to ensure that you will stand out against your fellow job seekers, there are classes and workshops that will help you land your dream job right away!


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