Use Your Career Break Wisely – Exciting Ideas Worthy of Your Time

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It is perfectly fine to take a break from your day to day 9 to 5 routine.

After all, this is something that you deserve. But, whether you need this break to get rid of all the stresses you have been carrying on your shoulders, or you simply feel like you can use some changes in your life, there are many exciting ideas to ensure that your free time wouldn’t go to waste.

Check out the following useful skills you might want to start learning during your career break: 

1. Be a Digital Marketer

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Gone are those old days when learning marketing was enough. Right now, people who are well-versed in digital marketing have become very in demand among startup businesses. These businesses are more than willing to pay those people who will take on this job. However, just as how high the payment and demand for digital marketing is, you have to remember that this is not at all that easy. You need to really master this field and you cannot expect to do it in such a short span of time. There are a lot of things that you can learn such as content marketing, copywriting, online marketing that includes social marketing and email marketing, SEM, SEO, Ad words, and a whole lot more. 

2. Try Your Hand as a Creative Blog Writer

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Thanks to the internet, it has become easier to make the most out of your writing hobby. You can launch your own website or blog where you can unleash your writing skills. Websites, blogs, online publication are among the best media platforms for those creative writers who want more people to read their work faster and for free.

Another benefit you can enjoy when you put up your own website or blog for your content is the possibility of earning cash from advertisements and endorsements that you can add to your website or blog. Talk about getting rich with your hobby.

But again, it is not easy to be a creative writer with lots of visitors on your website. You have to learn many things including the right way of writing following the proper rules of language, learning how to choose your topics, writing your titles, creating interesting content, and understanding the functions of SEO and keywords.

Just take it easy, though. You can always find numerous articles about writing a blog all over the internet that can make your learning more fun and convenient.

3. Work as a Graphic Designer

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Aside from digital marketers, graphic designers are also highly sought after by many companies today. This is a kind of job with close association to the marketing world and so companies never think twice to offer high salary figures to those who are expert graphic designers.

There are also many people looking for freelance graphic designers and are ready to give them high pay. The side job’s definition can make a thick bag for some people. Aside from that, if you’re a businessman, particularly if you are getting started, being able to design can be profitable and will surely save you lots of money since you don’t have to pay some people to do all your design needs.

If you want to be a graphic designer, you do not need to bother searching for a place to study or study again. There are numerous websites that offer services to provide classes to learn theories and practice of graphic designers either paid or free. Moreover, you may also learn self-taught online and read some books that contain theories, which you can buy in many bookstores in your local area or over the internet. Better yet, attend a class or workshop taught industry leaders to get more insights about the common practices and current trends. 

4. Be a Painter

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For people who are on break, you might feel stressed and depressed. If this is your case, you might want to try an activity related to art. It can be the best choice for therapy. Art may also make you more open and relaxed in expressing yourself. A lot of people suffering from depression may recover slowly due to the calmness they experience from painting. Expressing yourself with color is considered better compared to going for consultations. Therefore, there are two advantages that you can get from painting activities. First is that you will get new skills and minimize stress so your mental conditions are healthy and stable in spite of myriad workloads. Painting like vacations can bring you to different places. Other than that, you may also get money from paintings if you dare to exhibit your art in the future. 

5. Try Cooking Some of Your Special Dishes

Turning to a certain field that isn’t related to technology like cooking is probably one of the best activities you can do. It is also a good activity to learn during a long break time. Also, cooking can help reduce your stress and may be a fun activity, which can improve your family harmony once done together.

Never think of learning to cook only about turning on your stove, throwing spices to cooking pain and frying it or heating oil. Learning how to cook won’t make you bored with the different foods you can learn, various food processing techniques, and some cooking techniques including steaming, baking, grilling, and so on. If you’re good, never make it as your hobby. You can be a culinary entrepreneur or a restaurant owner. So, if you are on a break because you are not working anymore, why not consider food or culinary entrepreneur as your choice for your career.

6. Learn Pottery

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Some art activities that you should learn while on a long break time include pottery. Like painting, pottery can give you a calm effect. Even pottery may cure some diseases including rheumatism to some psychological disorders like bipolar disorder. Apart from that, pottery may stimulate creativity because you may spend lots of time talking to yourself while pottery is calm, so you may better understand yourself as well as be able to think clearly. With this, your mind will be fresher and your productivity level will increase after holidays since your free time was filled with different creative activities.



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