Sandrine Tusin: Scented Candle Making in Singapore

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When you attend her class, not only learning how to make candles, Sandrine wants you to discover an interesting melting pot of different cultures.

Sandrine has been teaching art for three years and candle making in Singapore for six months now. Her passion for art started in 2001 when she moved to Singapore. She was introduced to a Chinese brush painting master. At first, she took the class organised by this painting master as a hobby and a way to socialise with people. Deep down inside her heart she knows that art is not just a hobby anymore, it is much more than that. Later on she discovered another passion in candle making that she incorporates with her knowledge in aromatherapy.

Scented Candle Making in Singapore

Her home in Singapore is the melting pot of different cultures. Born and bred in Paris, Sandrine then moved to San Francisco and then New York. She is married to a Singaporean-Malay husband, and they have 3 beautifully mixed children. “I like to say that my life is the epitome of global culture,” said Sandrine who, like other Parisians, likes to hang out at the cafés, watching the world go by.

Being a true cosmopolitan lady, she is always eager to blend herself into the local culture. Growing up in France, she was introduced to wine at a young age because it was the culture. When living in San Francisco with her family, she would go for picnics at Marina Green on Sundays. Later on when she moved to New York, she would go walking in Central Park or visiting the museum, “I walked a lot, because that is what New Yorkers do,” recalls Sandrine. In Singapore, her home since 2001, she practically does what locals do: take the bus, go the wet markets, and send her kids to local schools.

“It doesn’t matter where people are from, or what their differences are. At the end of the day, we are all human. It is the little things we do that make us who we are, that make each and every one of us beautiful and a proud habitant of Mother Earth.”

Through her workshop in candle making, she wants to introduce the richness of these different cultures while rediscovering your senses, healing the body, relaxing the mind and lifting the spirit.

Sandrine’s classes are available now!

If you’re ready to unleash your creativity and rediscover your five senses, come and join her class. Bring home your own creation in your favourite scents. “Scented Candle Making Workshop with Sandrine” is available on weekdays: Wednesday and Friday. Check new schedules on skillagogo. $50 for 2 hours. Location: The Pinnacle@Duxton.

Fun fact about this workshop:

Located at the Pinnacle at Duxton, the workshop includes a photo session with the group at the top of the historical building.

Read her full interview here.



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