Popular Workout Choices to Help You be Fit and Healthy

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Sports has more or less become a requirement for everyone. Apart from the fun, the goal of sports or any other recreational physical activity is to fine-tune the body.

With regular exercises, you reap long-term benefits, your body builds up resistance to certain illnesses or is better prepared to combat them, and old age does not have to come with physical limitations.

To put it simply, sports will get your body in shape. It’s the good news we all want to hear at the end of the day. Now, if you want to know which sports are most popular and promising in toning the body up, then this is it.


Yoga will help you find your inner peace. Photo by Matthew Henry on Burst

Yoga is favoured by many people, especially women, when it comes to defining the body and the soul. Yoga aims to challenge your physical endurance with various combination of body postures and certain movements, and it focuses on regulating your breathing which help build composure under physical strains. The movements generally involve stretching which strengthen the muscles in different parts of the body, meditating, and the regulation of respiration.

Regular yoga exercises can help increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.

The most ideal time of the day to do yoga exercises is in the morning when the stomach is still empty. Afternoon, evening, or night certainly works as well as long as the stomach is relatively empty. It is advisable to do the exercises one to three time a week for an hour to an hour and a half a day.

Want to slim your body down with yoga? Sure you can! Consider these important tips: start the practice only after two hours after a meal, not before. And remember, don’t gorge yourself even when the practice is over (and sure you can order chicken donburi, but only one portion. Not two!). Wait at least thirty minutes after your practice before you eat again. And it goes without saying that you should eat only healthy and nutritious food. If not, then there’s little point in exercising at all.

Interested in joining a yoga class? There will certainly be many types of yoga classes available at different yoga studios in your city. And on skillagogo, you will find various yoga options as well. Just go ahead and choose the one that suit you best.


The energetic music in Zumba will boost your energy. Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Besides yoga, Zumba is also a super fun sport that is also favoured by women. Many will agree that this sport is exciting. Accompanied by fast rhythmic songs and full of energetic movements, Zumba helps you burn calories faster, and it is especially effective if you want to reduce your waistline.

An impressive stat: Zumba can help you lose up to 1 kilogram in just a week!

The physical requirements of Zumba might be more than yoga, but remember – no pain, no gain. If you are motivated enough, go ahead and try it, even at least for a week, morning, day, or night.

With all the physicality involved, Zumba burnes a lot of calories so you might feel famished when you are done, so it’s important to keep your diet in mind. Try not to eat anything for an hour before training, and once the training is done, stick to fruits. Nothing fatty whatsoever.


While doing PoundFit you’ll forget that you’re drenched in sweat. Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

What is POUND® or PoundFit? This exercise involves energetic movements using drumsticks! Cool, I know! Besides combining yoga and Pilates movements, this exercise also involves cardio elements by way of energetic drum beating movements. With these three main components of the exercise, POUND® can help you burn up to 900 calories in an hour. It will also help you stretch muscles that are rarely used. This much makes it obvious that POUND® can certainly slim you down.

In addition to losing weight, POUND® also effectively improves your sense of balance, improves the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. And no less important is that this sport also improves coordination, speed, and overall dexterity.

Main Image  by rawpixel.com from Unsplash



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