Namiko Chan Takahashi: Art Class with Namiko

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Our award winning inter-disciplinary artist Namiko Chan has so many things to offer. She teaches art, drawing, painting and dancing. Through her art, she wants to encourage everybody to become a lifelong learner.

Born in Singapore to a Peranakan father and a Japanese mother, Namiko Chan found her passion in painting and drawing since the age of four. Young Namiko went to law school under her parents’ advice, but it was very clear to her that painting was her true calling in life. She graduated with LL.B (Hons) degree in law, but her artistic passion continued to thrive. Namiko took a postgraduate programme in teaching specialising in visual art. She also holds a diploma from a 4-year painting program at the Art Students League of New York. Namiko has been teaching art since 2003.

As an accomplished artist, Namiko has showcased her works in various events. Her series of expressionist oil painting entitled “My Life as an Artist” was exhibited in November 2001 at the Art Seasons Gallery. In 2006, Namiko and her painting Charisse won the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Grand Prize Award. In 2015, Namiko embarked on a project to render 35- minute profile portraits of friends and perfect stranger “10 Thousand Profiles”.


Namiko’s work is found in many private international collections as well as in public institutions including the Istana, UOB, Sentosa Golf Club and the National Gallery of Singapore.

Beside drawing and painting, Namiko Chan is also a professional dancer and teacher, she is trained in ballet, flamenco, and Middle Eastern dance. Along with her husband Aaron Lee who is a lawyer/poet, Namiko founded Laniakea Culture Collective, an art community.

With many accomplishments in her life, Namiko’s proud moment would still be seeing her students get technically better as a painter.

“Every time a student unlocks something about themselves by expressing themselves in visual art, that is what makes me very proud. More than that, I love seeing people grow in the knowledge of themselves and who they are!”

Namiko’s class is available now!

Get ready to immerse yourself into art with Namiko Chan Takahashi, join her class “Art Class with Namiko” now! Limited seats (5 participants in each class only). New schedule in March 2018 is available on skillagogo. $60 for 3 hours. Location: Laniakea Culture Art Studio at HCSA, Geylang.

Fun fact about taking an art class:

Through art, you can learn new things about yourself, about the world around us, about the people around us. If you’re eager to know what your true calling is, find it through art.

Read Namiko Chan’s full interview here. 



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