Know the Best Interpersonal Communication Tips for Shy People

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For those who are introvert, speaking in public is tiring, daunting, and more often than not, scary. So, how can they overcome this problem?

Oftentimes, introvert people find it challenging to be in public since they’re very shy and do not like socializing too much. But, mingling and socializing with peers have a lot of benefits.

If you consider yourself as an introvert, it takes a long time to adapt to the social environment. Taking the courage to speak in public and building self confidence might make you sweat. However, there is nothing you should worry about because a shy personality does not mean that you are not good in communicating. All you have to do is practice. Below are some of the tips on how you can enhance or improve your communication skills:

1. Learn to Express Your Opinions in Meetings

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It must be hard for you to express your opinions in public. Many introverts won’t dare to argue if they are not asked directly. Even if this step is a bit hard, it won’t hurt to try. So, the first thing that you should do is to express your opinion when the meeting with your division or team first and if you’re accustomed, you may try to express opinions in the next meeting with the whole team.

2. Join a Community or an Organization

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If you have a passion or a hobby that you like to share with the world, you may start joining any community that is related to your hobby. For first timers, it might be hard to meet lots of strangers who you do not know before. Through getting engaged in a community or an organization, you’ll be more open to new individuals and expect that your communication skills will improve.

3. Know How to Start a Conversation

Typically, introverts tend to be listeners in company meetings, chatting or group discussions. It is good to be a listener, yet too much harbouring your opinions isn’t good either. So, it is time to change that. You may practice expressing your opinions with your close friends or co-workers.

4. Always Give Yourself Some Time

Never rush anything. Introvert people have their own capacity when it comes to socialising. Too much interaction could make them tired and it might affect their productivity level. You do not need to push yourself too much to socialising. Begin from small and remember to give yourself some time to relax and get away from pressure.

5. Propose Yourself to Lead Discussions or Meetings

You may practice your leadership skill or communication through proposing yourself as the team meeting organizer. If your company lets you do it, you must take advantage of that opportunity. During meeting, you may learn how to carry on in discussions with a lot of people and you may practice on how you can express opinions and give solutions to your team. Through learning to be the spotlight of your team meeting, you can build your confidence through speaking in public or in front of your co-workers.


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