Join These Top 5 Eco-friendly Workshops and Help Save the Environment in a Fun and Creative Way!

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You might not know it but Mother Earth is silently crying out for your help! One of the very first steps you can do to preserve the planet you live in is to protect the environment. And to make things better, why not learn a new skill as you practice the good habit of protecting the environment?

Today, you can find several eco-friendly workshops that you can join where you can learn great activities that will let you take care of Mother Earth. Aside from using waste products to make creative products, or reducing your use of plastics, below are some of the newest and out of the box ideas that you can get from eco-friendly workshops that are fun, harmless, and exciting!

1. Learn Shibori Art

Photo by parkyuha on Pixabay

Shibori is a type of Japanese art that uses cloth as its main media. The Shibori technique forms one or several patterns on a piece of cloth such as batik cloth. In the Shibori technique, the fabric used will be tied, wrapped, then folded and secured before it is dipped in colorful liquid referred to as indigo paint.

The technique will result to beautiful pieces of clothe that can be used for different applications, including a deco object, a sarong, and other unique gift items.

2. Discover the Wonders of Kokedama

Photo by Flo Westbrook from Pexels

Kokedama means ball of moss-covered soil in English. Kokedama is among the famous techniques in Japan for easy planting of ornamental plants. The activity is not just popular among those who are fans of ornamental plants as this is also ideal for children because of the easy process and funny shapes that can be formed.

3. Nurture Your Own Terrarium

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Have you always wanted to have your own garden but you don’t have a piece of land? Well, don’t worry because a terrarium is the perfect solution for people who want to pursue landless gardening.  Terrarium means a small garden inside a container. This container can be made of glass where you can plant different ornamental plants of varied shapes and sizes depending on your area of residence.

Back in the days, terrariums were only used in biological research. Today, however, terrariums have become more popular among busy urban dwellers who want to create a natural feel inside their homes by taking care of plants in an array of attractive and beautiful glass containers.

4. Master the Silk Print

Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Have you heard of screen printing? If yes, well, the more popular term is silk print. You can perform silk print on different items aside from shirts or clothes. The silk print technique has been used for over 100 years in the artistic and commercial industries, primarily used for printing designs and images on T-shirts, paper, tote bags, ceramics, wood, and many other materials.

Despite the rise of different digital printing techniques, silk screen printing remains to be in demand and irreplaceable up to this day and age.

5. Plastics Quilting is the New Trend

Did you know that quilting is also an eco-friendly activity especially when you use plastics and other wastes? These materials can be stitched and pasted again in like quilting on cloth. Plastic waste quilting not only reduces fabric waste as it also reduces the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

Which of these eco-friendly workshops do you want to join?



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