How to Create Your Very Own Scrapbook: A Guide Tour for Beginners

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Happiness is looking back at the old scrapbooks and saying “remember when?” reminiscing happy times, being nostalgic and cherishing those memories we would do anything to relive. We are nothing without these lovely memories. Capturing and documenting these memories safely is as important as creating them.

These albums make superb gifts and keepsakes for family members, friends, and our coming future generation. One can get these scrapbooks easily from the market, but creating one yourself still stands superior to the ready-mades. You can be exceedingly creative, imaginative and produce a well-narrative scrapbook which requires careful planning.

Every pro was an amateur once. Are you someone who wants to create their own scrapbook and is a beginner? Worry not. We are here to your rescue. Remember, these tips are just to give you a direction, to begin with. You can use your creativity and can have numerous other ways to do so. We will take you on this incredible journey. Let’s begin, shall we?

Prep and Warm Up

Prepare all the basic necessities and start creating your scrapbook from this amazing work station! Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

If we ask you to build a house, what would be your first step? You would get all the basic materials to require such as bricks, cement, concrete, etc. Similar to that, you need various prepping tools to build up a scrapbook. The basic necessities include adhesives, paper, scissors, blank books, photo albums, colours, and other stationery items. Furthermore, it totally depends on your creativity, imagination and needs to be innovative with scrapbook in accordance with your artistic urge. You can bring together other items as well, such as glitter, origami paper, coloured cardboard, newspaper or magazine pieces.

Add-Ons that Would Make Your Scrapbook Stand Out the Rest

It is needless to mention what accessories do to accentuate anything. Although, it is always your call on how much you want to spend on your scrapbook. After you’ve laid out the basic tools and have done your preparations, it’s time to settle on the add-ons which will add the elegance and make your scrapbook look exquisite. You can use glitter, beads, trinkets, and other such embellishments to complement your scrapbook. For adding a cohesive touch to your scrapbook, you can purchase paper and embellishments, such as stickers, stamps, colorful pens, markers, et cetera.

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Pick Out an Intriguing Theme of Your Scrapbook

Your sweet memories will stay forever! – Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Scrapbooks showcase photos, stories, and souvenirs that are united and bind together by a theme. The theme may be very general, such as a family photo album, an individual child, pet(s), or incredibly specific, like a college, birthday, school year, vacation or a wedding album. This is indeed very important to lock on a theme before proceeding any further. Your theme will pretty much decide the add-ons, colour schemes, etc.

Generate a List of Stories, Images and Events to be Included

Once you have decided on the theme of your scrapbook, you need to think about the stories you want to mention and preserve for the coming years. Take your time, sit back and brainstorm to jot these stories down. Make a list enclosing these stories, brief descriptions, or keywords for you to recall at the time you are giving it a final structure. Organize them well either in chronological order, alphabetical order or group them by sub-topic. Be extremely selective when it comes to picking the pictures, making sure their order of occurrence doesn’t pertain to your narrative. A good scrapbook speaks up to you everything even if you are a stranger.

Look Up to the Web

The Internet is always there to save you trouble and time. You can look up for references from various relevant content on websites, such as blogs, videos, articles, social media, etc. You will see a plethora of material already out there and get an idea and inspiration to begin with your own scrapbook. YouTube tutorials will guide you from one step to another regarding the theme ideas, colour recommendations, etc. To top that off you will get additional quick pro tips and muse from social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. Keen to invest more in your scrapbooking journey? Try scrapbooking classes on skillagogo. Apart from learning from the best, you can also interact directly with the instructor and your classmates, which will make your learning journey more fun and inspiring!

Happy scrapbooking!


Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash



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