How Playing Music Increases Your Productivity

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Playing music instrument is very fun to do. Not only that, it will increase your productivity too!

There are many benefits that you can reap from learning to play music.

Music is very important in our life and it’s part of our culture. In fact, playing music will also increase your productivity in many ways. Beside entertaining, music will also help develop and train the brain to stay alert. Thus, productivity will be maintained. If you’re up to it, you can start adopt music as a hobby!

Here are the benefits that can be given from playing a musical instrument:

1. Sharpen the Mind

Playing music is also said to be a form of brain exercise. Playing musical instruments can improve brain function and stimulate cognitive function. Because when playing a music instrument, you have to focus on many things, such as reading tones, adjusting the tempo and melody.

2. Increase Concentration

The amount of movement coordination that you have to do in playing music will train your concentration and focus because playing a musical instrument you will definitely move several parts of the body simultaneously, both eyes, hands, legs, and brain to produce beautiful and pleasant music heard.

3. Maintain Heart Health

When playing a musical instrument, the brain’s response to the music played will affect feelings of sadness or heartbreak that have a positive effect on the heart and also feelings. Even the results of the study say, music itself can even cure a heart attack or stroke.

4. Increase Memory

When you learn a musical instrument it means you have to learn techniques and other things related to musical instruments that you will play such as keys, tones, melodies, tempo and other things. This way you no longer need to take special supplements to improve your memory.

5. Increase Self Confidence

For those with introverted personality, they usually have a little difficulty expressing themselves due to problems of self-confidence. With music you can practice it. It’s simple that you can try to take a class playing a musical instrument so you can interact or try playing music in front of your office friends or extended family if your skills are pretty good.



Well, if you get bored with the choice of musical instruments, why don’t you try to learn playing exotic musical instruments? Besides being smart playing your musical instruments, you can also gain insight because you will automatically learn the culture of the instrument. Read more:


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