Environmentally Friendly Crafting Hobbies for the Eco Warriors

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Those of us who love to take care of the environment are always on the lookout for what else we can do to contribute to enrich nature.

There are those who volunteer to plant trees or volunteer in cleanup drives, and there are those who are involved in programmes such as recycling used goods and so on.

Keeping the environment in mind, here are some fun and eco-friendly crafting activities you can take up as a hobby:

1. Quilting

Photo by Jeff Wade on Unsplash

Quilting was originally made from several pieces of unused and recycled fabrics to be turned into new garments. Quilting is an eco-friendly hobby because its foremost principle is to utilize waste fabrics which reduces wastage. The same thing can also be done on used packaging plastic, sewing and pasting it like quilting on cloth, and creating bags or other objects from it. This could be an effective way to reduce the volume of plastic waste.

2. Flower Pot Painting

Not only does it help reduce waste by repainting the existing media as new flower pots, you can also use your flower pot painting abilities on unused plastic bottles or used glass around your house and turn it into something new.

This way, you have succeeded in reducing plastic and glass waste, by recycling them on your own. And you can use them to plant more, which is always a good thing.

3. Scrapbook

There is something amazing about scrapbook, anything can be beautiful on it. Yes, even pieces of paper and plastic. As long as you can combine them well, any non-organic waste that you can find around your house can be used as beautiful adornment on your scrapbook. Don’t throw away old magazine, newspapers or plastic bottles. Cut and colour, then create cute 3D objects out of it. Surely these unique 3D objects will give a wow factor on your scrapbook.

4. Recycle Wood Pallets to Make Decoration

Who says wood pallets used in furniture making or in shipping cargos cannot be reused? Today many people prefer to use modified used wooden pallets as a decoration and even make new benches and tables or other pieces of furniture from them. With enough imagination, there is no end for which they can be used.

5. Paper Weaving

Photo by Alicja from Pixabay

The most paper waste comes from newspapers. Every day there are thousands of newspapers printed, which means thousands of garbage. Instead of leaving newspapers piling up at home and becoming useless waste and eventually throwing them away, take advantage of it by weaving. All types of paper can be used. Baskets, pencil cases, bags, and even wallets can be crafted from it. This crafting is not only environmentally friendly, but is also a very useful hobby and can shape your personality and increase creativity. It can also be turned into a profitable business.

Crafting, and loving and protecting your environment does not have to be enjoyed only by those around you. You can also enjoy them by yourself too.


Main image by rawpixel from Pixabay



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