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This March, in conjunction with International Women’s Day and to celebrate the girl power, skillagogo proudly presents “ Women Teaching Wonders” campaign. During this special month, we will be highlighting our female course providers.

Namiko Chan Takahashi, Virginie Pringiers, Sandrine Tusin, Elaine Lim and Caroline Dekeleuneer are our girl squad empowering women in Singapore through their workshops respectively in art, painting, candle making, beatboxing and aromatherapy. Know about their journeys from the following interviews.

Hear from the Wonder Women Who Teach:

In your opinion, what makes women special?

Sandrine: There are a lot of things that make women special! Ultimately, however, I feel that it’s their stories that are captivating about them. Just listen when they are telling their stories. They are always so passionate about it, there is something they feel so deeply. It is their passionate stories that keep them alive, that they use to connect with one another and inspire each other.

Elaine: In my opinion, women are special because they can see the intricate little details of everything. Being detail orientated helps in a lot of various aspects, being creative, being patient enough to care about the little details. This makes us somewhat of a perfectionist, but this also helps to ensure that everything we do is of quality.

Caroline: There is this extra sensibility that women share. Women have this kind of sixth sense that enables them to understand more than what is said or what is tangible. And multitasking special power!

Virginie: Actually it was while becoming a mother that I realised the power of women to move mountains! A mother is a woman who you can not stop. She can be young, old, tired, careerist, or sick, nothing will get in her way when it comes to her children.

Namiko: For what I see, a woman has many insights and connections in the brain that men do not usually have. They see things differently and therefore can add another perspective to an issue. To me, that is what makes women so special.

What do you think about women’s empowerment? How to empower them?

Elaine: Women need to accept themselves for who they are. If you don’t want a family, don’t force yourself to. Do what you want to do, be who you want to be. Don’t dictate to what the society wants. You are an individual, you need to believe that no one is like you. You are unique and you are beautiful, so believe in yourself. Do what you love, chase your dreams, your passions.

Virginie: Perhaps more recognition towards men. In the end, a woman is a man with more sensitivity and empathy. Why not allowing her to manage more important roles? Why not have more women leading countries with the same understanding as a man, but in a more refined and balanced way?

Sandrine: Women need to be empowered by learning from one another, to boost their confidence in themselves and their work. With confidence and certainty, women are able to share their passion with the world.  

Caroline: We can act on different levels, globally and locally. The priority is that after primary needs are met, all girls and women have access to education worldwide. We can also act in a more local level, it can be in the family, in the workplace, or even in the shops. As parents, we have the responsibility to make sure that we educate our children and especially girls to believe in their dreams and their added value in the society.

Namiko: We need to encourage young women to be more confident! Yet, not aggressively confident, as true confidence does not necessarily mean more aggressive.

What motivates you to spread your passion?

Virginie: Above all, I love human contact. Getting together around a table with strangers is very exciting. I am passionate about painting, so giving a painting class to people who have chosen to learn a new technique with me is very pleasant. My goal is to make them want to practice what they learn in the class at home again.

Sandrine: Before candles, I did Chinese brush painting. It started off as a hobby, it was just something to channel my energy to create something beautiful. People started to take notice of the art I made, it would always be the first thing that caught their eyes when they walked into my home. When they looked at it, they felt something. And that’s what art is all about: to intrigue a feeling. Then I started to make candles that incorporate both my art and aromatherapy. I want to bring peace and harmony into people’s lives and homes. When my customers tell me that they feel a sense of serenity every time they burn my candles at home, that’s what drives me.

Elaine: Beatboxing has always been looked upon as a street art and not everyone sees the value of this art form. To share about beatboxing is my passion. As a female representative, to see the female students develop into a confident individual and to believe in themselves, that is my motivation. To know that beatboxing can be used as a confidence booster and to bring out the potential of someone, that is my greatest motivation.

Caroline: Since I followed a training in aromatherapy (essential oils), I became passionate about this topic! There is an oil for every single matter. They continue to amaze me every day. Now I am giving workshops on how to use these wonderful oils on a day-to-day basis.  Working with essential oils is a great way to use what the Nature offers us. Going back to 100% natural is what’s best for us!

Namiko: It gives me joy when through my art class, I see potential being unlocked and people coming into their own realising their true calling because I feel that is how God made us. We were created with a specific purpose and calling. And to walk in that calling is very fulfilling.

After attending your class, what are the skills your learners would likely develop?

Sandrine: In modern settings, where stressors may include sensory overload, alienation, stress, distress, financial and occupational worries, the management of one’s well-being is becoming a priority for many people all over the world.  Sensory stimulation enables us to take in information from our environment. This programme is designed to help participants look at their own wellness differently than they have before and understand how to take better care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through sensory stimulation.

Virginie: After attending my false-marble painting workshop where we learn to paint on a wooden box, I hope my students would want to repaint all their furniture! They would realise that with paint, the textures are infinite. And everything is possible!

Elaine:  Participants will learn the basic skills, special effects of beatboxing and how to safely practice them. But that’s not the main takeaway. Participants of my class will learn how to be confident, how to be creative, how to be original, how to use their strengths and develop their weaknesses. What I teach in beatboxing is the basic, but it’s the hidden lessons that will truly be helping them in this journey of life.

Caroline: This 2-hour workshop will explain to the participants the basics of essential oils, how to use them safely and the multiple efficient ways to use them daily at home, for minor health issues (cold, sore throat, stomach ache, muscular pain, just to name a few), for children and the whole family. Learners will also know all about the top 10 of most useful oils with recipes. Learners will prepare their own blend to take home with them!

Namiko: Apart from picking up a new skill which is always a good thing, through drawing and painting participants would be able to get to know more about themselves. To encourage them to become a lifelong learner would also be a great posture to have!

Tell us something about your course that is not common knowledge, something that most people don’t know?

Sandrine: Art and aromatherapy can be used as healing elements to reduce emotional and physical tensions. Through this class, students will learn how to incorporate them into their daily lives and homes.

Elaine: Beatboxing does not damage your voice (I get this all the time especially with singers). If anything, beatboxing has the ability to protect your vocal chords.

Virginie: I try to adapt the course according to the material we can find here in Singapore. Instead of practising the strokes on some kind of paper that we throw afterwards, I use the technique of the rice leaf. Learning to use your brush with water on these leaves allows you to start again at infinity as they dry so quickly. This is also a fun way to pay tribute to the Chinese calligraphy.

Caroline: Did you know that an essential oil contains up to 100 molecules (versus 1 molecule for classic medicines, like paracetamol)? In other words, they are super powerful and that no virus or bacteria, even the super strong ones, can resist essential oils! You would probably not know that we need 4000kg of rose petals to produce 10ml of rose essential oil.

Namiko: Through learning new ways to looking and recording what we observe, we start to discover new things about ourselves, about the world around us, and about the people around us. Ultimately, we also learn about what we are meant to be and to do and to learn about our true calling and our purpose on earth.

Excited to get know more about these wonderful and inspirational women? Read the articles about Sandrine, Namiko, Caroline, Virginie and Elaine on our blog. If now you are interested to attend their classes,  head over to skillagogo to see the schedules, locations and class prices. In the meantime, watch our special campaign video:



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