Elaine Lim from Beatz Inc Music: Introduction to Beatboxing Class

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She is an artist who expresses her art in a variety of ways, through acting, music, song writing, video making and beatboxing in Singapore. She is a simple young lady who loves doing what she loves and wants to share her passion in beatboxing with everyone out there.

It all started in 2007 when young Elaine, then 14, became interested to learn beatboxing in Singapore. She still recalled, her mother would say to her, “Stop that horrible noise!” or she would go, “Why can’t you do something more girly?” Her mother did not approve Elaine doing beatboxing until she went to see Elaine performing. After watching her daughter being very confident on stage and hearing the roaring applause from the audience, her mother finally gave her blessing. Back then, Elaine was still a psychology student, who eventually transitioned to a music career. 

Beatboxing in Singapore

She knows that since the very beginning, she has always been in love with rhythms and music. In 2009, Elaine started teaching beatboxing, along with ZicMu. They were hired to teach at MOE schools. Nine years later, beside performing and teaching beatboxing for general public, Elaine still goes around Singapore to teach students from Primary to Tertiary education. During her career in music and beatboxing in Singapore, Elaine has participated in various competitions. Almost every year, she brought home an award: a silver award with the Dotz in Acapella Championship in 2010, a third place in beatbox competition in 2011, finalist for Clap Idol in 2013 with “Beatz”, and becoming Top 16 in Singapore Beatbox Championship in 2016. Elaine was also a member of the judging panel for BeatAlley-Back to Roots edition in 2015.


Today, Elaine is a proud and happy beatboxing teacher who got to perform alongside one the top emcees, MAS1A, during her tour in Australia. Elaine has also had a chance to showcase her skills in beatboxing in various countries such as the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan.

“Now I am happy being regarded as a professional teaching this craft. That is what really matters to me. I love being happy, I don’t want to look back and regret.”

Elaine’s classes are available now!

Dare to try a unique way to express yourself through music? Join her class now.  For more information about “Introduction to Beatboxing”, click here. Schedule in March 2018 is now available. Single session: $30. You can opt for 6-session class for $150. Location: Orchard area.

Fun fact about beatboxing:

Beatboxing does not damage your voice. Beatboxing even has the ability to protect your vocal chords.

Get to know Elaine (Read her interview or watch the video) and Beatz Inc Music:



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