Caroline Dekeuleneer: Essential Oils for Beginners Workshop

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Caroline  develops her passion for aromatherapy and essentials oils because she believes in the power of these pure, natural and powerful elements and their benefits for us.

Caroline is a Belgian native who has spent more than 10 years working in communication industry in Belgium. Relocating to Singapore has given her the opportunity to start something that is completely different from what she used to do before. As a person who is always on the ongoing learning mode, Caroline spends some time on self development, learning yoga, giving French lessons, as well as being a volunteer guide at The Asian Civilisation Museum in Singapore. Three years ago, she decided to start her workshops on aromatherapy and essential oils in Singapore.

Essential Oils in Singapore

In her 2-hour workshop, she will teach the basics of essential oils. She will explain to you how to use these powerful elements safely. You will discover multiple efficient ways to use each of essential oils daily at home. Learning the use of these essential oils to treat minor health issues such as cold, sore throat, stomach ache, muscular pain is also in the programme. Her workshops are in English and in French. If you would like practice your French, you can also opt for her workshop in French.

Being able to transfer this knowledge to other people and empower them with the benefits of essentials oils in Singapore is something that motivates her even more.


“What I love about teaching is that, at the end of the class, participants would ask me about the next level class. Once you start with essential oils, you will never stop!”

Fun fact about essential oils:

Did you know that it takes 4000kg of rose petals to produce 10ml of rose essential oils?

Caroline’s classes are available now!

For more information about “Essential Oils for Beginners Workshop with Caroline”, visit skillagogo now. Check new schedules in April 2018 here. Sessions in English. Price $60 for 2 hours. Location: Sixth Avenue area.

Read Caroline’s interview to learn more about her.



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