Business Opportunities from Making Scrapbook

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Who says making scrapbook can’t give you extra income? People who are interested in scrapbook are everywhere. So you can easily build a business from this scrapbook hobby successfully!

It turns out that there are many business opportunities that you can work on from this scrapbook hobby. The capital that you need to spend is not much, besides who doesn’t like being able to get money from your own hobby? Here are some business ideas that you can make a business opportunity from making scrapbook hobbies:

1. Receiving Orders for Making Scrapbook for Photo Albums

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Many people want to remember their memories in a beautiful and sweet way, so that scrapbook albums have been in great demand by many people. Now your opportunity for this one business is very high, the way to start is very easy.

You can start from promoting your scrapbook results to the closest people or to social media. If possible, try creating a scrapbook with various themes such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, family and vacation. Arrange the results of your work like a digital catalog, and spread them through your social media accounts. Attractive display will make it easier for prospective customers to choose the desired concept.

2. Making a Beautiful Wedding Invitation from the Scrapbook

The concept of wedding invitations is increasingly creative. So it’s not wrong if you start being able to explore this possibility. Usually many couples want a special form of invitation for special guests. Well, that’s where your chances are. Sharpen your abilities in making scrapbook-style invitation cards.

Another advantage of business is that you can develop your business not only for wedding invitations, but also for birthday parties, anniversaries, bridal showers or baby showers. Interesting right?

3. Selling Accessories for Scrapbook

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This business will certainly sell well among scrapbook lovers. In order to beautify the scrapbook, sometimes many people prefer to buy ready-made knick-knacks rather than making their own. Of course, this could be a business opportunity for you! If you are good at making scrapbook items, you can also sell them. Of course you can be creative in packaging, you can sell per unit, in one series, or even in large quantities. You can sell online at online store sites or sell them through your social media account.

4. Opening the Scrapbook Making Class

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You are already very good at making scrapbooks, of course you can try to open a class  or a workshop and become a scrapbook instructor. You can start from a short video how to make a scrapbook that you can post on social media accounts and Youtube. Providing tutorials will be easier to promote this business to your followers and subscribers.

In addition, you can enter the scrapbook lovers community and be active in the community. Over time there will be many interested people who want to take classes or workshops that you hold. It is not impossible this will also open up other business opportunities, such as opening scrapbook equipment stores or scrapbook making schools! To make it more convenient, you can post your workshops on skillagogo to get more exposure.

5. Opening Classes Making Scrapbook for Children

It’s the same as in the business above, but this one is more segmentative, that is, targeting children of a certain age. Making handmade craft like a scrapbook can give a lot of positive things to children. They can be more creative, and useful activities will help shape a good and cheerful personality. Engaging and working with beautiful objects and beautiful colours will make the sense of art and aesthetic values ​​more formed. Bonus: children become more responsive and creative when they have to pursue various projects or school assignments.

For target consumers, you can directly promote this business to parents who already have children of a certain age range. For example the age of kindergarten school, elementary school age, and others. You can also try to create themes that are trending among children (for example superhero characters or funny characters who are currently present). By having this business idea, you can help parents provide positive activities for children.

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