A Caring Session for the Loved Ones

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We all know, our children are our future. Taking care of their happiness and well being is of utmost importance. As parents and family we are destined to be their natural caretaker and we will always thrive to provide them with the best possible environment as soon as they enter our world.

We also know, development in children starts at quite an early stage. This is where the role of healing sessions comes to play its part. Healing sessions are instrumental in improving and maintaining a child’s health, physical, mental as well as emotional.

Some skills leave a long-lasting impact on young minds and prepare them for adulthood. Socio-emotional skills are one such important pair of skillset. Feelings bring about certain reactions in children that shape their behaviour over time. Hence, the art of emotion management is a must to have a healthy today and a happy tomorrow!

From a good kid to a better person

Healing sessions are good for adults but they are great for kids as well! The only difference in healing sessions between an adult and a child is the way these are conducted. In children, a more playful approach through games and drawings is undertaken to entice young impressionable minds.

Healing session for children is also a good avenue to introduce children to emotional management. It gives them a chance to learn both about their positive as well as negative emotions. Most kids deal with negative emotions in a typical problematic way which is stressful for both the child and their family. Healing sessions aim to help kids master the art of emotional management and instil self-confidence in them and improve their social skills. This, in turn, will make them fast learners and team players at school.

Stay Calm and be a Great Kid

The objective of this session is to help children to keep their calm in the most stressful and tricky situations as they simultaneously work on expressing themselves better to their peers. These newly attained powers will support children to become better beings and live life to the fullest.

Happy and self-confident children are always better students. The idea is to encourage kids to balance their emotions and teach them to react appropriately in uncanny situations.

Certified trainers will guide participants to practice the healing methods together in group therapy.

Let’s play and learn!

This programme is designed for kids aged between 6-10 years.  This is the best time to shape the characters of children and through interactive activities such as games, drawing, venting session, and writing therapy, children are encouraged to learn and practice new skills like:

  • how to interact with new people.
  • how to speak up in a way that they can express themselves better.

These various interactive activities will also help children to get out of their comfort zone and to be ready to face any obstacles that life throws at them!

Learn with the Expert

This class is offered by famed soul healer, Irma Rahayu, who has been in the healing sphere scenes in Indonesia since 2008. She has helped numerous people find their identity and helped them solve various life challenges. Irma works with both adults and children.

She is also the founder of a healing community called Emotional Healing Indonesia whose focus is on personal development and emotional management.



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