6 Things You Can Do with Painted Flower Pots

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Gardening enthusiasts are always on the outlook for something new, interesting and creative to add to the gorgeousness of their gardens.

It may be new tools that ease the process or newer varieties of pots or plants that propose exemplary features than their traditional counterparts. True to this fact is painting and decorating the flower pot in their gardens. Many artistic people opt for this alternative as it not only helps you relax, relieves you from stress, but also makes your garden an eye candy and splendid.

Painting your flower pot is one of the most prevalent contemporary painting activities. Ornamenting your plants and garden is one of the most therapeutic activities for the plant lovers. You can make your dull, boring flower pots come to life and be more unique and astounding. Besides being a positive hobby, there are numerous such benefits why one should paint the flower pots. Let’s have a look.

Ekes Home Décor

Indoor plants offer a number of doles, from reducing carbon dioxide levels in the surroundings to easing stress levels. To top that off, they add exquisiteness and interest to any room in the home. Flower pots are extensively used for home décor. Painting your flower pots can give a touch of exuberance with bright colors.

You can use your painting and aesthetic skills to make the pots look exotic. Terrace would be the best place to keep these pots. You can totally make over the place using these painted flower pots and they sure will make you stress relieved by being surrounded by these cute and ornamental pots. 


After a while, you get bored of the usual colors of these flower pots and want to add another pot in the addition to the old ones. Painting the old ones like new will be the rebirth of them and you might not want to spend extra bucks on new ones.

Instead of buying a new flower pot, you can transmute the old guys. This sure will be environmentally friendly as you are contributing to reducing waste. Rather than wasting money on a new pot, you can use that money to decorate your pot along with painting it.

Aesthetic and Positive Avocations for Children

Yet another advantage of flower pot painting is that this leisure hobby can stimulate children to be more creative and expressive while speaking up. On top of that, this will help kids understand the importance of plants and the environment.

You might be sowing a seed of a good habit inside of their mind. They will realize the need of saving the environment and will indulge in this activity even after years. It will ultimately foster their care for the environment.

Remunerative Aid

Excelling in painting flower pots could also mean an additional source of money. You can use it as a profitable business. Running this hobby as a side business does not require hefty capital, you only need to buy a number of pots of varying sizes. You can use a medium sized room to paint and adorn these flower pots using your wit, ingenuity, and imagination.

You can either opt for selling them online or in exhibitions or markets. You can begin at your own house. Let your neighbors, friends know and tell them to spread the word further. Social media will help you big time in promoting your artworks. Little capital, creative efforts will definitely lead to maximum profit.  

Expanding Awareness of Environmental Care

You don’t need to buy new flower pots, as mentioned above. This will make you learn the importance of preserving the environment. Not only just you, people around you will comprehend this need and your positive influence on others will change their point of view towards the environment.

People around you will unconsciously learn to adore the plants and eventually grow the urge of wanting to protect the surroundings by planting as many plants as possible along with taking care of already existing ones. 

Alluring Gift Alternatives

Is the birthday of your loved ones just right around the corner and you are running out of gift choices? You need not worry, because you can gift them these adorable flower pots you made yourself. You can have their name or image engraved/painted on the top of these pots. Either it is their birthday, wedding anniversary you can gift them these flower pots.

Hand-made gifts have always been special rather than the ready-mades. Creating one will definitely cost you some efforts and hard work, but all of this will be worth it after seeing their face all brighten up. It will be more memorable because you made it especially for them and it is thus very unique and different for them.



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