6 Reasons Why Pottery Is a Positive Hobby that You Must Try

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Who would have thought that pottery, the art of making ceramics, could be an effective way to cure stress?

Those of you, who often feel tired, lethargic and sick, be careful! It could be that you are experiencing stress. Do not ignore this stress. If you ignore it, it might lead to another, more severe diseases. There are many activities that prove to be very helpful in dealing with stress. One of them is to engage yourself in a positive hobby. Positive hobbies that are often recommended to reduce stress are sports and art activities.

If you are not a huge fan of outdoor sports activities and want a relaxing hobby to deal with stress, art and craft is the best option for you. Among all the different art activities, pottery is the most recommended one as it is believed to relax you and make you happy.

Besides being good for stress relief, here is why adopting pottery as a hobby is very beneficial, not only for adults but children too.

1. Increases Your Focus

When concentrating on constructing a beautiful pot, you can forget the negative things that you experience and focus yourself only on increasing your creativity. With pottery, you can freely express yourself and fill yourself with positive energy. The mind becomes calmer and more relaxed.

2. Exercising Hand Muscles, Wrists and Arms

Even though the movements may look slow, but the hand movements done while pottery are are very good for dealing with arthritic diseases or arthritis. By routinely doing this activity, if you suffer from the problem of arthritis, you can become healthier and your wrist and arm muscles can become stronger.

3. Improve Quality of Life

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With the calm atmosphere that is created when concentrating on making pottery, your mind becomes relaxed. It helps you in letting go of all the burden of your mind and focus on expressing yourself through art.

With art you can see other sides of yourself, become more loving and respectful of yourself. You can pick up all these traits by engaging yourself in pottery. These traits will not only help you in your personal life, but also in your professional life.

4. Improve Motor Skills for Children

Well, for parents who want children to have a positive hobby, pottery is a safe and appropriate choice. Pottery is very good for motoric in children because they will use a lot of hand and arm muscles to form clay. Besides that fine motorism is getting sharper because it involves eye and hand coordination when processing clay. By increasing their motor skills, children will be trusted to learn easily, especially things like writing and reading. In addition, pottery can enhance their imagination and make them more creative.

5. Improve Confidence in Children

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Another positive thing that children can get from a pottery hobby is, increasing their confidence through art. In art there is no such thing as a perfect and good work. Being able to create something that is appropriate to self-expression is the main goal of art. With pottery, children are free to create according to their feelings and thoughts without any obstacles. This hobby, besides having positive effects on children, is also something that children enjoy doing. Playing with clay and creating things is what children love doing the most.

6. Improve Your Social Skills

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This hobby is not only for children but also for adults. By learning to make pottery in the studio you will get to interact with many people. Especially for adults, they can share the burden of their thoughts and share a lot of things and exchange information with friends in class and also mentors or teachers.

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