6 Interesting Businesses You Can Run from Making Pottery

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Taking up pottery as a hobby can sometimes be boring if there are no new challenges. And making pottery art just for yourself could also make you wasteful. A bright idea is to use those skills for more profitable results. They could be a great source for additional income.

Here are some some business ideas you can work on with your pottery skills:

1. Selling self-made ceramics jars

Photo by Fancycrave.com from Pexels

Ceramic jars are the most common creation by potters, especially beginners. If you are good at making them, then there should be no problem in selling them. There are numerous sites online where you can put your collection for sale and advertise them on social media. Others appreciating your work by buying them at a fair price will leave you with a sense of satisfaction.

2. Selling ceramic mugs and plates

Photo by Tom Crew on Unsplash

The uniqueness of homemade ceramic mugs and plates are what sells them. You can custom make mugs and plates according to customer orders. Create unique and creative designs so that your business stands apart from other pottery businesses.

3. Selling ceramic decoration

A sense of humour is always a great way to put your product out there. Create funny characters into unique ceramic shapes and designs. Explore what’s popular and capitalize on it. Cute animals such as puppies or kittens are always a keeper.

4. Open your pottery class

Pottery is considered as a positive activity and is stress-relieving and therapeutic. You can open a pottery class specifically for children and parents. Providing students with all the equipment required in a class will be a great initiative. Everything is complete in your workshop, and that adds to your credibility. When you are ready, just publish your classes on skillagogo. The platform is designed for you to share your knowledge. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

5. Selling ceramic making equipment

Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

This business is not just for potters. Anyone who loves ceramic art can also be a part of this business. Besides basic pottery equipment, you can also provide a variety of other equipment such as paints and brushes. The business can be run by selling the equipment separately or in packages. Take advantage of e-commerce and free social media platforms as a means of promotion.

6. Ceramic floor business

Photo by Olaf in Pixabay

This business venture needs more capital, but like any other good investment the profit also doubles. Maybe you can’t run your business solo and you need several people to help you as a floor maker.

Making floor tiles is much easier than other types of ceramics. The basic techniques that needs to be mastered are printing, drying, burning, and decorating. This business needs a large are for drying and a dedicated room because of the large quantity of production.

To stand apart, try giving your prospective buyers the choice to make their own ceramic designs. This will help your reputation and approachability with other potential customers.


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Main image by Andy Kelly on Unsplash



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