6 Embellishments that Will Make Your Scrapbook Look More Special

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Those of you who like to maintain scrapbooks must be very familiar with the concept of buying scrapbook items. The increasing popularity of scrapbooks now, also influences its accessories. There are lots of unique and funny embellishments being sold in the market that are especially made for scrapbooks.

To keep up with the trend, you also need to know the new knick-knacks, especially those that are being much coveted. Remember! Scrapbook items aren’t just limited to magazines and newspaper clippings nowadays. Be more creative and bold with your scrapbook and add as many unique items as you can, to make it more interesting.

skillagogo has collected some beautiful knick ideas for scrapbooks. There may be something that interests you, in that list, so please do check it out.

Pressed Flower

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

If you are tired of cutting out flowers from paper, why not use real flowers for scrapbook instead? The trick: put the original flowers on a piece of paper that will be used in the scrapbook. After that, press on top of the paper with an iron at medium temperature. These pressed flowers will definitely add a special touch to your favourite scrapbook designs. Note: Be careful while pressing flowers on the surface of the iron, the flowers that are quite fragile may get damaged.

Colorful shirt buttons

Photo by Anita Smith on Pixabay

There is no need to spend a lot of money on maintaining a scrapbook, as you may be able to find a lot of small accessories at your homes itself. Shirt buttons are such trinkets that you can get for free at homes too. By using buttons with various colours and sizes, you can make various unique and funny shapes in your scrapbook. All you require is some glue and thread and lots of colourful buttons. Let your imagination take control of you and create the fanciest designs and shapes using these buttons.

Embroidery map

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Those who like to take a stroll in the park at dusk, taking pictures of the beautiful morning sun, or go on holiday and collect lots of holiday pictures and store them,  creating an embroidery map in your scrapbook is a very good idea.

You can use snippets from unused map books to stick to your scrapbook. Before sticking to the scrapbook, you can make a kind of “appliqué” in the location of the country or place you have visited. This special appliqué embellishment of the map will make a memorable book, which is more personal because it complements the story of your vacation and makes it look more exciting.

Colourful Mini Hangers

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Turn plain paper clips into pretty mini hangers, make a few, and add and paste them into the scrapbook to sweeten the look. To make a mini hanger, you only need paper clips and pliers. The steps: open the paper clip and form it into a clothes hanging by bending it. Use pliers to make a kind of hook like the tip of a coat hanger. After that, prepare colourful paper and shapes into clothes such as tops, shirts or dresses. Stick on the mini coat hanger you just made. It will look cute and adorable!

These accessories are not at all hard to obtain and the tools that are used can also be found at homes easily. Isn’t it a cute and fun idea for your scrapbook?

Woven Flower

If you love nature and like collecting flowers, maybe the knick-knacks of this flower can be your next choice.It’s very easy, just use paper flowers and some ribbons. After that cut the gap at the end of each petal, and make a hole in the middle. Weave the ribbon along the flower motifs that you have drawn. Then, take the adhesive and stick the smaller flowers. Finally, decorate the flower center with colourful buttons, beads, or whatever you want.

DIY Decorative Clips

The latest knick-knack ideas are also very funny and easy to make. You only need a few paperclips, some origami paper or cardboard to make the decoration. Use glue to stick it or use a stapler if you don’t want the paper to get wet with glue.


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Main image by Estée Janssens on Unsplash



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