6 Decoupage Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Beautiful

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Are you bored with that monotonous house atmosphere? Instead of buying expensive new furniture or painting the walls of your home, decor and new decorations can help refresh the atmosphere of the house! The cost is relatively cheaper and not too much effort is spent. Bonus: satisfied when looking at your own work.

One decor and home decoration can be realized with decoupage capabilities. So for those of you who have a decoupage hobby, it’s time to take advantage of your ability to decorate your home in a more economical way. Make your home a paradise for your decoupage creations. Well, so the results are more satisfying, here are some tips on decorating a house with decoupage and any part that can be given a touch of decoupage so that the house looks more beautiful.

1. The Main Door of the House

Decorate the wooden doors of your house with a variety of beautiful colours from decoupage creations. Use bold colours like pink, yellow or light blue so that the design can stand out on dark brown wood. You can make funny writing or pictures like birds, butterflies, flowers and much more.

2. Blank Wall in the Living Room or Family Room

In each house there must always be a room where the walls are empty and not decorated decorated with paintings, photos or displays. Now, just use this super wide media as your creation of decoupage. But before that you have to determine the right theme first and not from decorating. It aims to make the results look more aesthetic and beautiful.

Use bright colours for walls that have a colours base other than white. For design ideas, you can write quotes about the family or imitate the pictures that are normal on the wall sticker

3. Wardrobe

Photo by Monoar Rahman on Pexels

Here comes the decoupage idea to decorate your bedroom. If you feel your wardrobe is too “plain”, just decorate it with decoupage. Choose the colour that matches the most dominant colour in your room. Choose themes that you like well, and fill with various things that you like. However, the bedroom is the main place where you spend a lot of time and to rest. So it must be filled with things that can make you happy.

4. Decorate Tableware

If you get bored of eating with those coloured utensils, that’s it, already, let’s decorate your tableware with decoupage. Make your family meal more enjoyable with tableware that you decorate yourself. A little note: if you decorate your cutlery, what you need to pay attention to is don’t give too much varnish paint. In addition, wash thoroughly when finished decorating, so that the remnants of chemicals in the decoupage ingredients do not stick anymore.

5. House Stairs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

If your house has stairs, let’s decorate the stairs with decoupage creations. You can decorate with a nature theme, for example by drawing elongated tree trunks and leaves. Don’t forget to add other colours, such as brightly coloured flowers or butterflies. Develop your creativity, there will definitely be many interesting ideas that you can try!

6. Makeup Mirror

For a makeup mirror, you can give beautiful motifs to decorate the edges of the mirror. In order to make decoupage creations in the mirror more beautiful, surely you can add various polaroid photos or quotes about self-love that you can create with decoupage. The room becomes even more beautiful and cheerful!

Ready to beautify your home using decoupage craft? Get inspiration from everywhere. Search online, read the home and deco book or magazines, go to the craft stores. If you think you need to refresh your mind, why don’t you go to the craft classes? Interacting with like-minded people will awaken your mind and senses too! Head over to skillagogo.

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Main image by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash




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