5 Interesting Unique Exotic Instruments to Learn

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Dare for a challenge to learn exotic music instruments? We have 5 interesting unique exotic instruments to learn!

Some people want to be more than the ordinary. They are always looking for new challenge, including picking up a hobby. Without looking down to the importance of learning piano (we adore you too, my dear piano!), challenge-seekers want to be as exotic as possible. We’d say, why not!

Here are some ideas of unique exotic instrument to learn. Extra benefit: you will be able to learn about the culture, the people and the language, something that will make your life even richer!

1. Gamelan

Photo by Tivistar on Pixabay

Gamelan is a traditional Javanese musical instrument. Gamelan is played at special events, such as religious ceremonies, community celebrations, puppet shows, for the royal family, and accompanying dances. Nowadays gamelan learning culture is being developed in Java island so that the younger generation does not forget this traditional musical instrument. The beautiful chants released by gamelan instruments will make the mind relax.

2. Tifa

Tifa is a musical instrument typical of Eastern Indonesia, especially Maluku and Papua. There are several types of Tifa such as Tifa Jekir, Tifa Dasar, Tifa Potong, Tifa Jekir Potong and Tifa Bas.

This instrument is made of a piece of wood which is emptied or cut off and on one side of the end is covered, and usually the cover is used dehydrated deerskin to produce a good and beautiful sound and the way it is played is beaten like a drum in general.

3. Sitar

Sitar is a type of musical instrument from South Asia. Hindustani classical instruments that use strings / strings. This instrument uses sympathetic strings along with ordinary strings and resonance chambers using gourd (a type of dried and hollow fruit inside) to produce a unique sound.

You can hear beautiful tones that are tuned by sitar in various classic Asian films. Usually the sound of the zither is used to describe the atmosphere of tenan and beauty.

4. Didgeridoo

Photo by jp26jp on Pixabay

Didgeridoo is a wind instrument native to Australia from the northern part of Australia or often known as an aboriginal tribe.

A didjeridu is usually cylindrical or cone-shaped, and is about 1 to 2 meters long, mostly measuring 1.2 meters. This instrument is used by Aboriginal tribes when there are tribal rituals such as welcoming guests of honor or statements of war.

5. Vina/Veena

This instrument is an original musical instrument from India. If you watch Bollywood movies often you will not be familiar with this instrument. Vina has 7 strings with a tone range wider than 2 octaves. Vina is the most perfect and rooted musical instrument in Indian society compared to other musical instruments.

Main photo: Barni1 di Pixabay



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