5 Hot Jobs in the New Digital Era

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Rapid technological advancements have led, not only to a change in lifestyle and culture, but also the job market. Thousands of new employment options have taken birth so that companies may keep up with the pace of technological evolution.

The advancement on internet technology is one of the biggest factors responsible for the massive influx of new employment opportunities. Employees savvy with internet technology have become the largest asset in the arsenal of modern enterprises.

Listed below are 5 best jobs of the Modern Tech Era.

SEO Specialist

Keywords are the key. Photo by Pixabay

Search Engines are quintessential to a company’s digital presence, and are part of any and every conversation about the company’s digital marketing strategy.

SEO specialists are tasked with aiding the company better navigate the field of search engines, and improving the company’s accessibility on all SEs. They have to make sure that the company’s website corroborates several keywords entered by internet users to increase the company’s visibility a reference rates.

Appearing at the forefront of keyword search results will help increase traffic and of course sales.

Web Content Writer

Creating compelling content is full of challenge, yet fun. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Almost every company that exists today requires a digital presence in cyberspace. The maintenance of their digital presence is taken care of by content writers. They aid the company’s advertisement and e-commerce as well. Content writers produce high quality material in the form of video, audio and text which add to the credibility of a company’s website. Content writers have to take a creative approach and are a key component of any company’s marketing strategy.

Social Media Specialist

Social media marketing can help you reach millions of costumers. Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Formerly, social media was utilised for purposes of personal socializing. It has now expanded to include vast networking webs crucial for the promotion of all businesses. Social media now serve as a medium for companies to communicate with target markets and improve brand awareness. This is why companies require social media specialists to broaden the companies outreach.

Web Developer

Even the smallest company in the world would need a good website! Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

The most recent and biggest revolution that took place was the Internet. It has grown to engulf and shape the personal, public and professional culture across the world. It has the potential to make or break a billion dollar enterprise. Companies can no longer survive without being an alert participant on the World Wide Web. Which is why they require web developers who plant the seed of any company’s digital presence. Owning a website, a location or “a piece of land” on the Internet is almost mandatory for any companies everywhere. It is one of the most crucial assets of a business and needs to be secured. A web developer is responsible for building a company’s website and maintaining it’s security. The number of technologies in website development also require web developers to have certain specialties or expertise (eg mastering certain programming languages ​​or other technologies).

Food Stylist

Food styling is now in high demand. Photo by Ho Hyou on Unsplash

Making delicious food is no longer enough for a culinary business to thrive. Its reputation depends on its optics. The designation of the individual that regulates and maintains a culinary business’s optics is a food stylist. They have to advertise the company’s product in a creative manner by using three main tools: photography, social media and e-commerce advertisement.

In the earlier days, a company manager was the mediator between the customer and the restaurant. In modern times though, the main outreach programme for the customer base is the food stylist. While the manager may handle investors and accounting, a food stylist brings in the business. Culinary businesses can survive without restaurants, they could be singularly take-out based, but they cannot survive without food stylists.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



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