5 Foreign Languages that Can Boost Your Career

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If you want to further your career and primp up your resume, adding foreign language skills is one of the most effective and fastest steps. Want to know what foreign languages ​​are the most useful for career advancement?

Check out 5 foreign languages ​​that you can immediately learn:

1. Chinese

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China has the fastest growing economy, and with being the most populous nation in the world at present, it certainly makes speakers of the Mandarin Chinese the most sought after. It’s no wonder that Mandarin Chinese occupies the 1st position as the most widely spoken language.

The number of Chinese business people across different parts of the world makes the language one of the most important in the business world.

2. Korean

Photo by pixabay.com from Pexels

Just like Chinese, Korean is also one of the most popular languages today. The K-Pop and K-Drama culture has skyrocketed Korea’s popularity in the world of entertainment business. The same can be said for other businesses. For example, electronic goods originating from ginseng countries are one of the most widely used in the world. Be it smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, or computers.

The progress of South Korea in this era makes many companies put Korean language skills as one of the conditions in their recruitment. So if you are already good at Korean, your chances of working in prestigious companies has become be even greater.

3. German

Photo by Ingo Joseph from Pexels

Germany is home to many prestigious companies in the world, especially in the automotive industries. Many automobile products from Germany are categorized as the best and are second to none. There are not many business people who can compare to the people from Germany with respect to expansion of businesses throughout the world. So don’t be surprised you often find German companies mushrooming everywhere.

Learning German will certainly make your career a success. It is one of the few languages ​​of the European continent that is most studied and used widely in education, Learning German can boost your chances of entering companies from Germany, the majority of which are prestigious companies.

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4. Portuguese

Photo by Bruno Luz on Unsplash

The Portuguese has a long history of expansion throughout the world. They have colonised many countries in past. These former Portuguese colonies have now adopted Portuguese as their official language.

Today many of the countries in Southern Europe and South America use the language. If you can learn and master it, it will expedite your dreams of working in South American countries.

5. Japanese

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Japanese has often been mentioned on many lists as the most popular, and that learning Japanese will give you huge benefits in your career.

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. Technological advances in Japan and their sophisticated state systems make Japan one of the most respected countries, especially in the business world.

There is no country that is not familiar with the various sophistications of Sakura’s electronic goods. Japanese business people who have successfully expanded their business throughout the world makes the Japanese language occupy a high position as one of the most important languages in the world.

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