5 Creative Workshops Which Will Inspire You with Fun and Profitable Business Ideas

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Do you know that your hobbies could actually give you money? We hand-picked some of the creative activities and workshops, that can lead you to great business opportunities. Join us for the fun workshops, absorb the knowledge and excel!

Many people start their businesses, most creative ones, as hobbies. If you have a creative hobby, you can start your business too! Nurture what you like to do, learn the key techniques, and practice the skills regularly. Hobbies that involve creativity also have many benefits. There’s nothing more awesome than spending your free time doing something you love. Being creative will also make you feel more confident. Oh, if you are happy to explore, that creative hobby of yours, could probably land you in a fun and lucrative business.

Now for those who want to start adopting a unique creative hobby, let’s have a look at the following workshops you should try!

Scented Candle Making

Scented candle making is a very uplifting activity you should try. Photo by Pixabay

Not only pleasing to the eye, the scented candles will also make your room smell nice too. The essential oils used in the candles will improve your mood and wellbeing. Interested to make some cute candles? In the scented candle making workshop, you will learn the steps, tricks, and tips about candle making. You will learn how to choose the best ingredients, how to add color and scent, and how to mold the candles. In a more advanced workshop, the teacher will teach you how to create those cute looking candle shapes.

Why you should learn to make scented candles:

Candle making is very therapeutic and relaxing. It will uplift your mood instantly. 

Candle business idea:

Hone your creativity, create unique and trendy shaped candles that you can sell in creative fairs and events, at the stockists, concept stores or online platforms.

Handmade Soap Making

In the class, you will learn everything you have to know about soap making. Photo by Tabitha  Mort from Pexels

It turns out that making your own soap is not as difficult as you think. Just like candles, the soap molding activity is also therapeutic and mood lifting. What is more, you are contributing to a very good cause: you’re preserving the nature. Interested to jump into soap making? In the handmade soap making class, you will learn everything you have to know about soap making and all the tips. Some of the commonly used techniques are the “cold process” or “melt and pour”. Don’t forget to check the process used in the workshop. Some workshops will also teach you making soaps in specific themes and shapes.

Why you should learn to make handmade soap:

Besides its therapeutic benefit, handmade soap making is also an environmentally friendly activity that will make you proud being part of it.

Soap business idea:

Create some super unique and creative shapes that you can use for gift hampers, party favor & decoration, and simply for bathing. 

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

The art of beautiful handwriting can be used in various media. Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Hand lettering and calligraphy are one of the most “à la mode” activities to do. Many hand-lettering artists give a modern flair to this ancient art and make it even more fun and fulfilling to do. Beautifully handwritten quotes will decorate many forms of media such as paper, glass, blackboard, walls and many more. Thanks to its versatility, the art of beautiful handwriting can be used in many art pieces. The art of beautiful handwriting can also use different kinds of writing tools: pen, chalk, or brush. If you are a first timer in the hand-lettering workshop, fret not. Teachers will teach you from A-to-Z and guide you throughout the process.

Why you should learn hand-lettering and calligraphy:

This art will teach you about patience, persistence, and precision. Seeing the end result of beautiful artwork will, of course, make you happy and contented. 

Hand lettering business idea:

You can offer your hand-lettering service to make invitation cards, various kinds of display, poster, mural artwork, glass door decoration, and many more.

Chinese Brush Painting

Photo by Yuchinutrition on Pixabay

Chinese brush painting is very unique, as it uses special tools such as Chinese paper, brush, and ink. Chinese brush painting also practices a unique technique of holding the brush to create the strokes. What makes it very interesting is that each stroke holds a very deep meaning behind it. It’s not only about the art; this painting also embraces the Chinese philosophy and spirit.   

Why you should learn Chinese brush painting:

You will enrich your painting techniques, as well as your life by learning the very meaningful Chinese philosophy. 

Painting business idea:

You can create many types of art objects: hand-painted fans, posters, invitation cards, greeting cards, and beautiful paintings.

Jewellery and Accessories Making

Jewellery and accessories are among the items that sell well. Photo by Avantgarde Concept on Unsplash

Making jewellery and accessories such as a bracelet, necklace, earring or brooch is always fun to do! The creativity is limitless beyond what you can imagine. Jewellery and accessories are among the items that sell well, too! If you are motivated to hone your jewellery making skills, pick the course and workshops that suits you the most. If you are a first-timer, you will learn how to work with wires and other metals, choosing beads and gemstones as the centerpiece and arranging them into a beautiful composition.

Why you should learn jewellery and accessories making:

It will boost your creativity and aesthetic sense, it also practices your concentration and trains your handwork skill.

Jewellery and accessories business idea:

Dazzle your targeted customers with your very unique creations.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash



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